Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


As you all may have noticed, the blog is just a tad backlogged. Managing blogging and traveling isn’t easy, and we just aren’t willing to sacrifice any time we could spend enjoying our current stop to stay in and write. We wish we had more time to responding to our fellow travelers’ inspiring blogs, and to participate more on Twitter… but, ahh, the world beckons too loudly. Thanks friends and readers for all your encouragement and comments over the past months!

As you also may have noticed, our posts have ground to a near standstill! Well, we’re on our last two weeks out of the 52 week Round-The-World trip we set off for, and it’s damn hard to tear ourselves away now! Now, through to the end, we’re visiting Japan — expensive land of ultra-automatic toilets, tentacle porn and curry udon.

Now that the fun is coming to end, being backlogged suddenly doesn’t sound so bad. We’re looking forward to reliving many of our favorite weeks as we share them on!

Postcard from the Future

What started for us as a mild obsession with food has morphed into a personal philosophy, a truism by which we weigh each new destination. If a people are happy eating, if they enjoy a variety of different flavors and techniques in their national cooking traditions, then very likely they themselves are also welcoming – with a full stomach and a warm heart they invite you to partake. Read more

Philosophy 101: You are what you eat

It’s not easy to find the real Bulgaria — sex tourism, “Happy” processed cheese and Antiquity keep getting in the way… Read more

Life of the Party

They were young and they had each other. Who could ask for more? Read more

Fall in Love at the Copa, Copacabana

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