Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


We approached packing by taking research from other people’s experiences. We printed all their lists, and thought everything was a great idea, so we bought it all. Read more

Us, and all our stuff.
Now to just get it in that bag…

Is it done yet?

It’s amazing how quickly time has passed from this November, when we first conceived our trip, to it’s official start: our last day in Los Angeles. Read more

Escape from LA

Talking to all the people in the outdoor outfitter stores really has helped us figure out what the essentials are. At first we were looking at pretty warm compress-able down coats. Now it’s just single layer windbreakers and a fleece. I figure that we’ll be spending more time in hot, moist places rather than cold, dry ones. Read more

One foot in front of the other

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