Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


Homeless and jobless, we are working full time on where we want to live. All of our stuff is already packed up in storage, we’re wide open in the employment category, and we’ve got a new outlook on our ideal lifestyle after a year of traveling. Never a better time than now, right? The first city up for consideration is Denver, Colorado. Lots of talk vouching for the mile high city as a great place to live. Read More

Mile High for Life

London — Cambridge — Leicester — Nottingham — Edinburgh — Manchester — Wales — Bristol — London. Read more

Ins and Outs in England

What is with England and markets? Big time retailers fill their shelves with trendy items swaddled in award-winning packaging, all while managing to keep it predominantly local. Corner shops display comically vast selections catering to their ethnically diverse neighbors. Pop-up flea markets play host to shoulder-to-shoulder crowds picking through handmade goods and attic castoffs, and close-up ready farmers markets deftly charm any passerby into exchanging the contents of their wallets for their beguiling bounty. Read more

To Market, To Market

We survived a month with Eva’s family in Poland, and put on the weight to show for it… and then, we came back for another round. Read more

Going for Baroque in Bavaria

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