Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


Is Britain still trapped in the bleak aftermath of WWII rationing or have they moved on to greater culinary heights? Team Rees investigates. Read more

With A Side of Neeps and Tatties

Well, maybe a few jibes at their customer service. Read more

No Polish jokes on this trip

Being that we are traveling for a full year, our chances of one bad thing happening would seem to be pretty high. A two week vacation has common enough problems like losing luggage at the airport, or arguably worse, losing a few days to food poisoning. We are hoping the late night kidney stone emergency is our one really bad thing, and the rest of the trip moves smoothly. Read more

Killing two birds with one kidney stone

Seems simple enough: baked phyllo dough, (a simple unleavened flour dough rolled or stretched to paper thin) layered with nuts and honey. Like they say, “When in Rome…,” so when we were in the Mediterranean and the Balkans, we had to try Baklava. Read more

You catch more flies with honey…

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