Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


With an estimated 800 million servings sold each year in Germany, Currywurst is a national dish. And in Berlin, it’s impossible to tour the city without catching a whiff of it’s fried and saucy goodness. Peddled at many Schnell-Imbisse (fast food stall or cart) the Currywurst is colorful and flavorful. Read more

The Best of The Wurst

Are our pictures making you hungry? Curious how many times it’s backfired on us? Here’s our system for how to make informed decisions on the street and not anger Montezuma. Read more

5 Secrets of a Healthy Foodie on the Road

We have experienced a lot of culture on this trip. From bazaars to ruins, we swim among the eddies of other histories and civilizations, soaking in life among otherness. But what about the solidification and gathering of this “culture” — the tried and true depository of learning known as the Museum? Read more

Culture Vulture

Being that we are traveling for a full year, our chances of one bad thing happening would seem to be pretty high. A two week vacation has common enough problems like losing luggage at the airport, or arguably worse, losing a few days to food poisoning. We are hoping the late night kidney stone emergency is our one really bad thing, and the rest of the trip moves smoothly. Read more

Killing two birds with one kidney stone

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