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Before there was McDonald’s, there was Döner. Read more

Donner Party

Everywhere we travel people proclaim “the best food is the food cooked at home!” Although we never really get the chance to find out, there have been a few countries where we hope that this is true, since the restaurants could be so bland and boring. You know who you are, we aren’t going to name names… The good news is that the Greek islands are the kind of place you actually get to eat “family” food cooked with lots of love and flavor. The price of the food has little to do with the quality, use your keen senses to find the restaurants with the right vibe: a homely but lively and filled with locals. Read more

Our Big Fat Greek Food Post

Eater Beware

September 12, 2009 Morocco


We drank the water in Mexico, ate raw egg milkshakes in Peru, enjoyed Turkish soup with sheep’s brains and survived numerous airline meals. None of this made us sick but cuisine culture of Morocco finally took us down. Read more

Eater Beware

This is it foodies: you can die happy. You’ll even have money left in your wallet. Behold the pinnacle of Perfect Cheap Food. Read more

Let Them Eat Foie Gras!

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