Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


There’s just something about names that start with a B… Barcelona, Budapest and Berlin all really got us thinking about where we’ll find our new home after this year abroad. Read more

The B’s Knees

Eastern Europe is not only a land of heavy, comforting stews, starches and meats designed to make you into a jolly but massive model of mankind but they have mastered sweets that feel more like home than a hug from grandma. Beware, the pain in your chest is more than the ache of love, it is the stick of butter they used creating a traffic jam like the 405 at rush hour in your heart.

Killer Sweets

We have experienced a lot of culture on this trip. From bazaars to ruins, we swim among the eddies of other histories and civilizations, soaking in life among otherness. But what about the solidification and gathering of this “culture” — the tried and true depository of learning known as the Museum? Read more

Culture Vulture

Well, maybe a few jibes at their customer service. Read more

No Polish jokes on this trip

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