Forks and Jets

The true story of a couple or amateur foodie travelogues going around the world


Seems simple enough: baked phyllo dough, (a simple unleavened flour dough rolled or stretched to paper thin) layered with nuts and honey. Like they say, “When in Rome…,” so when we were in the Mediterranean and the Balkans, we had to try Baklava. Read more

You catch more flies with honey…

For our year on the road, we packed a lot of stuff into two relatively small backpacks. We spent a lot of time researching gear, reading packing lists and visiting REI — finally being confident about our whole inventory. Six months later some things have changed, but most have stayed the same. Here’s a quick look at what’s been working for us, and what hasn’t — including some notes about shopping for gear abroad. Read more

Six Months Later, Six Pounds Heavier

It’s not easy to find the real Bulgaria — sex tourism, “Happy” processed cheese and Antiquity keep getting in the way… Read more

Life of the Party

Whether you call it Rakia, Ouzo, Mastika or Raki, a small war has been brewing for generations across countries and cultures. Most drinkers of the world are familiar with Greek Ouzo, and maybe even a few dedicated tipplers like the strong anise flavor. The reality is most of the Mediterranean and Balkans claim this liquor as their creation and national drink. Greece just has better marketing and distribution. Read more

Ode to Anise

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