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Absolutely Everything is Covered in Bees

September 13, 2009 Morocco


A sweet tooth can be drastically curtailed by the sight of a shroud of bees inside the glass display case holding your possible future confection. We stayed away from the traditional custards and cakes.

A thousand different artfully designed shapes and seem to be comprised of the same three things; dough, honey and nuts. Sometimes brightly colored, shiny or resting in a pool of honey, the bite-size confection is ubiquitous in Morocco.

As entertaining as they were to look at, often they were very similar and could be a bit dry. Trust us, we tried kilos of these things because somehow that is what the store owner would pack into a box and charge us by weight. It is very difficult to convince a shopkeeper who has suddenly lost the ability to speak English that you want only one or two.

Our preferred sweets were drinks from a little shop in Fez. They had almond milk, lemonade and even avocado shakes. This quaint shop had the feel of a 1950’s ice cream parlor squeezed up between a mosque and a busy donkey path.

Each of its drinks were served with a small scoop of their impossibly creamy ice cream, making them some of our favorite drinks yet. If you ever have the chance, this little shop was worth the discovery… start by checking the area around the Kairouyine Mosque.

We found plenty of colorful sugary distractions while walking the Medina:

But if you consider yourself brave, Marrakech’s Djemaa el Fna square has just the challenge. In a little row, three stands each serve a dark mound of something that looks vaguely like a chocolate cake along with a glass of tea.

Beware! This is not chocolate cake but instead one of the most knockout cakes you can try. It is spicy and herbal, meant to help with digestion. Our best guess it’s name is Khendenjal. The companion reddish tea is just as powerful, seemingly brewed from ginseng, earth and distilled ginger. We loved it and could not finish it, a strange conundrum.


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