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December 29, 2008 United States

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We haven’t gotten much further with the airfare yet, in which I’m disappointed. We’ve written down the countries we’d like to visit, and I’ve begun trying to figure out which time of year is best for where, but it’s not easy. The work we’ve done so far at least allows us to look into visa requirements and vaccinations. I typically like to book trips for myself, but in this case we’re considering using an agent. I’d like to have a point person who is familiar with our plan if something were to go wrong, and any advice booking such a huge succession of tickets would be nice. Perhaps even timeline stategy assistance. We’re leaving a great deal open because we’d like to make our own itinerary as we go, but that actually seems to make booking even harder! A lot of research means lots of ideas; here are some things have caught my eye: cookery courses worldwide, Vietnam by motorbike tour, Inca Trail tour. I believe we’ll be able to arrange these with short lead time and I’d rather not be stressed out making it to a specific place on a specific day once we set off.

At home I’ve got a packing list going, and of all these requirements before we go we’ve gotten the furthest here. Thanks to the end of a season, and a weak economy, we haven’t paid full price for any of our gear yet, which to me is a major accomplishment, since outdoor outfitter type stores rarely have sales on the necessities.

I mentioned that I had gone to the doctor and gotten some shots, I believe. My doctor has always been somewhat uncooperative, and she told me most of the vaccinations I requested wouldn’t be covered by my insurance. Jeremy visited his doctor, and it turned out to be a much different story. He received about $300 worth of vaccinations! I’ve had enough of my doctor, and managed to trade into his medical group the last day of open enrollment. His insurance of course lapses at the end of January, so I’m rushing to get pincushioned! It’s worth it though, because without this break I was figuring our shots to cost about $1k each! The main culprit is the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, which is like $150/jab with 3 jabs needed a piece. Ouch!

We spent the holiday with Jeremy’s parents who very kindly offered their garage to our Mustang, which would also give us an amazing savings in storage costs. It was fun to share our plan and ideas with them. I haven’t been able to really mention the trip at work to anyone but my boss (long story, but I’m trying to get a perk that’s coming to me and letting HR know that I’m bailing on them soon after may throw a wrench in my plan), so it’s nice to be able to talk about it with someone! My parents are continually supportive. They offered their laptop (we still haven’t purchased one), but it looks like it won’t work for us, which is a shame. I have to admit that some days I get really worried about our plan, about how much I’ll miss having western plumbing, a reliable bed, etc. but I think Jeremy and I are both up to the challenge. I’m sure we’ll add a category to our Daytum: Things I miss the most about Home.


  1. Karno says:
    August 23, 2015

    Hey, at least those injections will be the only shot you’ll get as far as Korea’s cocrnened. Those visiting the UK need to worry about not only having the precautious injectioins but also getting shot while staying in the UK! 😉


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